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miTaggedMarks comes with a very flexible interface to browsers. The file mtmBrowsers.ini contains the parameters needed for interaction with the browsers. In this way miTaggedMarks may be updated to support additional browsers or new versions of browsers by only updating this file.

There are mainly two ways miTaggedMarks can interact with the browsers:

Integrated support
Reads link data from open browser windows. This currently works with the following browsers
- Internet Explorer
- Mozilla Firefox and Firefox Portable
- Mozilla SeaMonkey
- Opera and Opera@USB
- Google Chrome

- Avant Browser
- Flock Browser
- Maxthon
- Pale Moon
- Sleipnir

(removed in version 2: Mozilla and Netscape 7,8,9, Deepnet Explorer and NeoPlanet; still available on request)

Support via bookmarklets
Uses bookmarklets (a small piece of JavaScript) in the browser to send link data of the current page to miTaggedMarks. This way of interaction is needed for browsers miTaggedMarks cannot read these data from.

The bookmarklets were successfully tested with the following browsers:
Abolimba, Ace Explorer, Avant Browser, Advanced Browser, Browse3D, CrazyBrowser, Google Chrome, DXBrowser, Enigma Browser, Fast Browser, FineBrowser, Green Browser, iNetAdvisor, iRider, NeatBrowser, NetCaptor, PQBrowser, SlimBrowser, UltraBrowser and Wichio-Browser.

New in version 2: Extended functionality for bookmarklets, for use with all browsers.
See Bookmarklets Page for details and examples.

Some features within miTaggedMarks (replacing URL) only work for browsers with integrated support. Integrated support may be added for nearly any browser that supports DDE to get URL and title of the current page (or COM for browsers based on Internet Explorer). Whenever possible, a browser will be added for integrated support in mtmBrowsers.ini. Updated versions of this file will be available for download here. If you subscribe to the newsletter (see Home) you will be informed about new versions.

Please send questions, suggestions and additional information regarding browsers to . Or use the Feedback Form.

bky/mtmBrowsers.ini version history
2.01 (Feb 11)   Integrated support added for Google Chrome and Pale Moon.
Included in setup for miTaggedMarks 2.01
2.0   Modified for new options for browsers.
Included in setup for miTaggedMarks 2.0
2 beta   Added integrated support for Safari, Flock and Avant Browser;
removed support for Mozilla and Netscape;

Included in setup for miTaggedMarks 2 beta
1.7   Added integrated support for Netscape 9, Firefox Portable and Opera@USB.
Included in setup for miTaggedMarks 1.7
1.6   Modified for miTaggedMarks. Plus some minor changes.
1.5   Added integrated support for Deepnet Explorer, some updates in the comments.
1.2.1   Added integrated support for Netscape8 and Mozilla SeaMonkey.
1.1   Added support for Maxthon.
0.99.1 beta   Added support for Mozilla Firefox.
0.99 beta   Added support for Mozilla Firebird 0.7.
0.96 beta   First public release.

Last Update: 16Feb2011; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: