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Current version: 2.01.4
Language: English
Requires Windows98 or later
Needs about 5 MB disk space, plus some space for bookmark data and backup files.

The zip-file contains a readme.txt and the setup file.
Download file size: About 2.2 MB

Download miTaggedMarks 2.01.4 trial (zip-file)
Download miTaggedMarks 2.01.4 trial (setup-exe only)

The trial versions are fully functional. You are allowed to try them for 30 days.
Users with a license for earlier versions bookkey and miTaggedMarks (1.x) may upgrade for a special price.

Version history   (Main changes. See What's New for details)
2.01.4 (Dec 14)   Adjustment for Windows 8 (interaction with browsers).
2.01.1   Adjustment for import of bookmarks from Firefox 4.
2.01   Integrated support added for Google Chrome.
Plus minor improvements and bug fixes.
2.0   Extended functionality for bookmarklet-based access from browsers, improved setup for browsers, improved backup scheme for data files, ready for Windows 7. Plus all the features from the beta versions (see below).
Plus minor improvements and bug fixes.
2 beta2   New bookmarklet-based access method from browsers.
Plus some improvements and bug fixes.
2 beta   New features include easy-to-use interface to combine tags with AND-OR-NOT operators, improved text filter (Type2Find) and import of Firefox 3 bookmarks (places) with tags.
Plus a lot of improvements and some bug fixes.
1.7   New features include Portable Mode, icon buttons in SectionTitles and XML export format.Plus bug fixes and minor changes.
1.62   New feature: Import from Powermarks. Plus bug fixes and minor changes.
1.6   "bookkey" is "miTaggedMarks" now. New features include DirectTags panel in main window and Load/Save As functions for files.Plus bug fixes and minor changes.
1.5   New features include: Undo/Redo, Unicode support, new XML file format, more information on bookmarks and keywords, integrated support for even more browsers.
1.2   New features include: Support for nearly any browser via bookmarklet, keyword dialog for selection of bookmarks. Plus improved handling of keywords and bookmarks.
1.1   Main new feature is the recycle bin. Plus improved handling of keywords and bookmarks, plus support for browser Maxthon.
1.0   New features include: open multiple URLs in browser, replace bookmark from browser, better keyboard support.
miTaggedMarks is trialware now, still free to try for 30 days.
0.99 beta   A lot of new features and modifications, with focus on
- more ways to take over link data from browser and clipboard
- easier access to keywords for filter and assignment.
0.96 beta   New, flexible interface to browsers.
See Supported Browsers for details.
0.93 beta   New features include a system of keyboard shortcuts, DirectTextFilter in keyword mode, autosave and tray icon.
0.9 beta   First public release.

Last Update: 5Dec2014; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: