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       miTaggedMarks is Trialware

You may try the fully functional version of miTaggedMarks for a period of 30 days after first use (60 days for beta versions). If you want to use miTaggedMarks after this trial period, you have to purchase a registration key. The registration fee is only 20 Euro (plus VAT for EU customers).
Users with a license for earlier versions of bookkey and miTaggedMarks (1.x) get a discount of 40%; they can purchase an upgrade key for 12 Euro (plus VAT for EU customers).

There is one exception to the 30 days rule: If you start all over with an empty file (and import or create new bookmarks) you may try miTaggedMarks for another 30 day period. This ensures, that it is always possible to try miTaggedMarks, but it is forbidden to "really use" it after the trial period.

Why You Should Register

miTaggedMarks will not stop working abruptly after the trial period of 30 days, but if you use the unregistered version of miTaggedMarks with bookmarks that have been imported or created more than 30 days ago you will get nag screens and they will become more and more annoying with the time.

Free Updates for all versions 2.x
Your registration fee will help me spend more time on further development of miTaggedMarks. There are a lot of plans for upcoming versions, and with your license you may use all 2.x versions free of additional charge.

How To Register

Registration is done with the help of This registration service enables you to
choose from several different languages for registration process,
choose from several different currencies,
choose from several different methods to pay, including credit cards and PayPal.
The registration key will be sent immediately to the given email address.

Click here to purchase a registration key for miTaggedMarks at ShareIt.

Click here to purchase an upgrade key (only for users with a license for version 1.x!)

After registration please use menu item Help / Enter Registration Key in miTaggedMarks to enter the registration key and transform the trial version into a fully licensed version.

Last Update:30Jul2009; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: