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Bookmarklets for browsers

You can use bookmarklets to access miTaggedMarks' functions from the browser toolbar.

How it may look like in Firefox
using extension Favicon Picker 2 (or similar) to set individual icons:

Usage: Bookmarklets for miTaggedMarks are predefined or configured within miTaggedMarks, and transferred to the browser using a HTML-page. After opening this page in your browser, you can drag the bookmarklets you want to use to the browser's toolbar, or any other place suitable for bookmarks or bookmarklets.

Basic bookmarklets

There is a number of bookmarklets for basic functions like
show miTaggedMarks main window,
take over (send) link data for an new bookmark
See Tools / Bookmarklets / Basic Functions for the full list.

Advanced bookmarklets with predefined tags
The commands for showing the main window and for TakeOver can be combined with specific tags.

Tab Advanced: Show main window with filter tags
Click the Add button on the left to create a new item.
select the tags you want to be set as FilterTags
a title is automatically suggested from the tags. You may modify it here, or later with your browser's functions.
Tab Advanced: Take Over with tags assigned
Works similar to the previous tab, but with two options:
Add tags: Assigns the tags additionaly to the existing bookmark (same URL).
if there is no bookmark with this URL it can be created.
Silent: Performs the action silently, without Properties Dialog. If unambigious (URL you wanted to add tags to doesn't exist, or URL you wanted to add already exists) the Properties Dialog will popup anyway.
On successful silent action a hint will popup at (the last position of) the AccessTriangle.

Integrating the bookmarklets in your browser
In the browsers bookmarklets are handled like usual links/Favorites/bookmarks. The only difference is, that instead of the URL they have a piece of JavaScript. So JavaScript needs to be enabled in the browser to use them.

Suggestions for such bookmarklet functions
Show main window with often used tags or tag combinations, like daily, weekly, ebay,
Show main window with tab Properties to search in all bookmarks,
Take over (TO) without tags predefined to get the dialog for the new bookmark's properties,
TO with often assigned tags or tag combinations like read later, ebay, Project XY; silent or with dialog,
TO with a "work tag", like unsorted, and the silent option, if you prefer to tag the bookmarks later; or without any tag,
if you like to turn the AccessTriangle off, there is a bookmarklet to get the AccessTriangle's popup menu, to open URLs from one browser in another one.

Last Update: 30Jul2009; Michael Valentiner-Branth, email: