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Local Bookmarks by Tags  
Browser independent bookmark manager for Windows.
Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Seamonkey, Opera, Google Chrome, Avant Browser, Flock, Maxthon, Sleipnir and nearly any other browser. See Supported Browsers for details.

5 Dec 2014: Updated version 2.01.4 with integrated support for Google Chrome and Pale Moon, plus improvements and bug fixes, see What's New for details.

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       Use tags to organize and access your local collection of bookmarks
miTaggedMarks uses tags instead of the usual hierarchical folder structure.
miTaggedMarks introduces some new ways to handle a large number of tags easily.

Why Tags?
Did you ever stumble upon the problem, which structure to choose for your hierarchical folders? For example:

- Cameras
- Computers
- Cameras
- Computers
 or  Cameras
- Magazines
- Shops
- Magazines
- Shops

And later maybe searched for the folder Shops, not remembering that it was created as a subfolder of another folder?

And no matter which structure you choose - there is no place in it for a shop that sells cameras and computers.

The Solution: Bookmarks by Tags
Read the Introduction on how miTaggedMarks uses tags to overcome the hierarchical folder structure.
    Why miTaggedMarks?
The innovative handling of tags in miTaggedMarks makes organizing and accessing bookmarks by tags even more easy.

Access bookmarks by tags: The list of bookmarks is filtered by selecting tags.
Tags that won't make sense for the current filter are hidden. This helps to find the wanted tags quickly.

Assign tags to bookmarks: Tags can be de/assigned in several ways and contexts, using
- drag and drop,
- popup menus,
- or a dual list dialog.
The lists with tags are available in different sortings.

TopTags give easier access to the most important tags.
Associated tags are marked in all lists. This helps to keep similar bookmarks together.
Similar tags are listed when creating a new one. This helps to avoid creating similar tags.
New: Easy-to-use interface to combine tags with boolean AND-OR-NOT operators.

See Features for an extended list and Screenshots for an impression of the layout.
Or Download and try miTaggedMarks for free.


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